Who is dawn from diddy dirty money dating

Her family had to move to live in Baltimore after New Orleans was hit by Katrina; the hurricane.

She was born to father Frank Richard, a singer and percussionist of “Chocolate Milk”, which was a Funk/Soul band.

Although there are chances of them getting married, but there are no such news that point in that direction.

Being a famous musician, it is obvious that people have a deep interest in her personal life, and for that matter they stay updated to her news by following her on Twitter.

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Then, she played in a TV commercial in 2009, and was approached by Diddy-Dirty Money, to work with them.

They featured along with Lil Wayne while working in a song "Phase", in 2008.

Likewise, Flo Rida also saw them in the video of “Rush Love”.

She was dating Deonte, a record producer around 2004, and they were in a living relationship.

Despite rumors that suggested the two had been engaged, they openly had denied the rumors, and broke up as well in 3 years, without any children.

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