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So, the zircon evidence is being interpreted as indicating the early earth was relatively flat and completely covered by water!Presumably, plate tectonics would not begin for another 300 Mys during a heavy bombardment of meteors and comets.The rock is worn away by wind and rain, and the fossil is now exposed, waiting to be found!relates to how we can know God through communication with Him and contains my testimony.

Since I only had one chance to speak to these students, I wanted to present them with what I considered to be the best evidences for theism. The discussion here will be brief and in everyday language.

References are provided for those who wish to learn more.

The title of my talk was “Science that Points to a Creator.” First I set the ground rules for investigation in the historical sciences (geology, archeology, cosmology, history of life, etc.) by discussing Causality and Inference to the Best Explanation.

He usually has had me come in and present the case for intelligent design (ID) at the start of the section on Darwinism.

The professor is an atheist but interested in discussing various views.

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