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This adds support to the view that the vent was subaerial and lay on the supposed Pre-Kameni island (Druitt and Francaviglia, 1992).

In its uppermost part a thin (2-40 cm) layer of very fine white ash occurs that Heiken and Mc Coy (1984) called the "phreatomagmatic break".

Detail of a larger partly charred branch in the big hole visible on the left photo.It mantles uniformly the pre-Minoan surface which proofs its origin as fall-out.A clear southeasterly trend in greatest accumulations reflects the dispersal of the tephra-bearing eruption column by strong atmospheric winds (Bond and Sparks, 1976).Less than 10% are fine ash and lithic fragments (Druitt and others, 1989).No signs of magma-water interaction or breaks and changes in eruption style occur; the eruption was a continuous dry event driven only by magmatic gas (Sparks and Wilson, 1990).

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