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Unfortunately, we also have a contradictory need for novelty, adventure, and variety, explains relationship expert Esther Perel in her thought-provoking talk.This second need tends to get us into extra-marital trouble, and it's why it can be such a challenge for couples to keep desire alive through many years of partnership or marriage. One piece of the puzzle, she says, is to explore the world, and be their fullest selves, even in ways that don't involve you. I do, and since I'm no big fan of greeting cards, this column is my valentine to him. It is--literally--an addictive drug, as she explains in this engaging talk. I'm hoping you have someone special to watch them with on this very special holiday. Anthropologist Helen Fisher may be best known for demonstrating that love affects the brain in a similar way to cocaine.Luckily, Robin picks up Ted and bring him to his date.

Did you know elephants can experience love at first sight? Humans have an enormous need for security and dependability and permanence--all the things that lead us to crave long-term, committed relationships. Even more disturbing, her functional MRIs of volunteers who'd been recently dumped reveals that even when someone's broken up with you, you go right on loving them just as much. Only John Hodgman (one of my husband Bill's favorite comedians) could make the connection between wondering when and whether aliens have visited the earth and true romance. As with any addiction, distress arises when the drug of choice is withdrawn.Our generous benefactors want to help you realise your online dreams in the form of beautiful, well-designed websites.To get 10% off yours for the first year plus a domain thrown in, use the code ALLUSION at checkout.

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