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The work we do together is future focused, action oriented and raising your level of awareness to make the necessary choices that will support you being your best.

I teach all of my clients that what is in the way of joy and fulfillment is fear and that fear can always be shifted into fearlessness.""I am a life coach and support my clients to identifying the area of their lives that is least satisfying, identify the fears that are holding them back from making the necessary change to be satisfied, and teach you to shift your fears into fearlessness.

I offer a therapy relationship that provides a focus on psychological wellness and a non-judgmental and collaborative environment in which to work together on personal growth and a return to a more positive and fulfilled state-of-being.""Do you suffer from anxiety, stress, and burnout at work?

Are your relationships and performance at work starting to pay the price?

My practice focuses on helping clients achieve a more centered, balanced life by giving them the tools needed to grow within life's challenges."Thank you for taking the time to review my profile.Helping adults find overall balance and wellness is a primary focus of my practice.I have many years of experience working with depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, career difficulties and transitions, parenting concerns, highly sensitive people and more.I incorporate motivational and spiritual coaching into my pracitice as well.""Do you consider yourself a highly sensitive individual and are you experiencing, feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, or just kind of down?

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