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He helps the barbarian to kill a giant snake and cuts him down from crucifixion; the thief also cries for his companion during Valeria's cremation, with the explanation that "(h)e is Conan, a Cimmerian.

He won't cry, so I cry for him." Conan's enemy, Thulsa Doom, is an amalgamation of two of Howard's creations.

By using booby traps and exploiting the terrain, they manage to slay Doom's warriors when they arrive.

Just when Rexor is about to overcome Conan, Valeria reappears for a brief moment as a Valkyrie to save him from the mortal blow.

The Conan in the books detests restrictions to his freedom and would have resisted slavery in a violent fashion, whereas the film version accepts his fate and has to be freed.

According to Kristina Passman, an assistant professor of classical languages and literature, the film's Valeria is a perfect archetype of the "good" Amazon character, a fierce but domesticated female warrior, in cinema.

He is soon chased by wild dogs and seeks refuge in a warrior's tomb, where he retrieves an ancient sword.

Conan wanders the world, encountering a prophetic witch in a hut and then befriends Subotai, a Hyrkanian thief and archer. They burgle the Tower of Serpents, stealing jewels and other valuables from a shrine, slaying a giant snake in the process.

Subotai and Valeria agree to help Conan complete Osric's quest and infiltrate the Temple of Set.Conan survives into adulthood, becoming a massive, muscular man.His master eventually trains him to be a gladiator; after winning countless fights and receiving training and education in the East, Conan is freed.Subotai and Valeria refuse to take up the quest; Conan, however, motivated by his hatred for Doom and his desire for vengeance, sets off alone to the villain's Temple of Set.Disguised as a priest, Conan infiltrates the temple, but he is discovered, captured, and tortured.

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