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She replied: A webcam girl is there to fully serve and please the visitor within her personal limits in whatever way he deems desirable.I'm a therapist, so my goal is to help my client achieve therapeutic progress.Rather than pushing it aside, or claiming that it is simply an expression of a deeper longing, Naked Therapy says, 'Sexual arousal is important in and of itself,' and it utilizes the sexual arousal of the client to arrive at unique, powerful, relevant insights.Asking a man to share his feelings in an environment in which sexual arousal is forbidden is like teaching him to swim on land.I do not simply 'do whatever the client asks' (even within my limits).

She was a thoughtful, poised individual, with a great head on top of her admittedly attractive shoulders.

I just firmly believe that sexual arousal is so central to men's cognition that it must be openly embraced and accepted in the therapeutic context if men want to truly get to the bottom of their feelings.”All of her 1,000 clients are men.

Originally, Sarah saw some women, but over time she’s gravitated towards working only with men, and feels her style and approach is most effective and helpful in dealing with issues of masculinity.

Sarah’s Naked Therapy business started with an idea of offering naked coding and programming assistance.

At the time, Sarah was working as a waitress, model and web designer — and realized people might pay her to discuss web design while naked.

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