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There's no reason why Demi shouldn't be open about shacking up with a new beau too! While both Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher both seem to have moved on to other relationships since their split earlier in the year - she with Martin Henderson and he with Mila Kunis - the actress is apparently still very much hung up on her ex-husband…and she's still CALLING and texting him incessantly!It's about time America's seksiet cougar found herself some new young meat!! And although her daughters have been scolded by their father, Bruce Willis, to be more patient with their mom, given her current struggles, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah are said to be BEYOND fed up with her juvenile behavior! Anyway, it tickled us pink to report that it seemed Demi had finally moved on from her failed cougar-mance to Mila Kunis' new (and old) beau Ashton Kutcher… Her supposed connecticut love-retreat with It seems that after coming to the realization that Ashton Kutcher had moved on with Mila Kunis, it’s looking like Demi Moore has snagged a rebound of her own!

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Moore, 49, has reportedly moved on with New Zealand-born actor Martin Henderson, 37, who is just 12 years her junior.

Kutcher, 34, was 15 years younger than his wife of six years.

Last month, the actress and the much younger actor took some time off from sneaking around to get romantical in public while relaxin' in Connecticut.

Mz Moore claims she and the New Zealand native are just co-star, Mila Kunis, are also travel buddies in love.

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