Lesbian dating in boston dating stages of a guys life

At some point it became wicked gentrified by gays (actually, mostly gay men) in the 1980s, and is now some of the most expensive property in Boston.Although the area maintained its gay flavor, it tends to be inhabited by wealthy middle aged gays and their artist significant others.Every Sunday night Underbar holds a gay party called Hot Mess which completely lives up to its name.Underbar is one of the only bars that stays open until 2am on Sundays so it’s definitely worth a visit.Did you know Lizz and Rachel are both from Boston!? Technically speaking, Rachel and Lizz went to school in Waltham and then Rachel moved to a city called Cambridge and Lizz moved to a Boston neighborhood called Allston. You should know when anyone says they live in Boston, they almost always mean they live in the Greater Boston Metro Area which includes Boston and all the towns around Boston that everyone thinks are just neighborhoods.Although GQB used to be an actual sneak attack on a bar, the last few times I went GQB seemed to have rented out the space.

Jamaica Plain, or JP as the cool kids call it, is basically Boston’s lesbian stronghold.

While Boston lacks a proper lesbian bar, there is basically a girls night somewhere every Friday and Saturday of the month. Second Saturday is run by Dyke Night (a Boston group who runs several lesbian nights in the city) and is also the largest lesbian dance party in New England.

In light of the largest women’s party in New England thing, it’s critical to arrive at Machine no later than 10pm or you will not party, you will just stand in line.

Boston Guerrilla Queer Bar is a traveling gay bar that “overtakes” normally straight bars for one night each month.

GQB announces the bar of choice the Thursday night before the party and everyone shows up the next Friday.

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