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Sadly, Kirstie’s tweets reveal that she is still a slave to Scientology and might never change.She did get a powerful backlash to her remarks and dropped the subject for now.

However, Kesha’s updated versions leave a LOT to be desired.

Regardless, Mickey has several movies in the works – some horror, and even a romantic comedy. Actress Rita Ora doesn’t bother to leave home unless there’s a strong possibility of being photographed, and when she stepped out in Manhattan wearing pajamas, the paparazzi ate it up.

So she took it a step further and walked the red carpet at the MTV European Movie Awards in a terrycloth bathrobe and a towel wrapped on her head.

Why doesn’t Mickey’s stylist pal step in and help Mickey with his HAIR?

He has an assortment of unnatural looking wigs that desperately need attention.

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