Ink dating date tags rules about dating a minor

In 1946, several million Reynolds ballpoint pens reached the market in the United States.Ballpoint inks consist of synthetic dyes (sometimes carbon or graphite is also added for permanence) in various glycol solvents or benzyl alcohol.

Dating tags are unique chemicals that have been added to ball-point inks by some ink companies as a way to determine the year the ink was made.

This article describes state of the art procedures for the chemical and physical comparison, identification and dating of inks on questioned documents.

Knowledge of the composition of inks is necessary to understand the reasons for the various methods used to analyze inks.

Ballpoint inks made before about 1950 used oil-based solvents such as mineral oil, linseed oil, reci-noleic acid, methyl and ethyl esters of recinoleic acid, glycerin monoricinoleate, coconut fatty acids, sorbi-tal derivatives, and plasticizers such as tricresylpho-sphate.

Modern ballpoint inks (post-1950) are referred to as glycol-based inks, because of the common use of ethylene glycol or glycol derivatives as a solvent for the dyes.

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