George hamilton dating now

Hamilton had been dating 30-years-younger girlfriend and model Kimberley Blackford since they met in 1995, and she gave birth to his son George Thomas Hamilton in December 1999.The Blackford-Hamilton romance had already ended earlier that year when Kimberley Blackford discovered Hamilton was dating novelist Danielle Steele.Hamilton was the first child born to Ann and George Hamilton Sr., who was a touring society bandleader.In order to accommodate George Sr., the family moved frequently, residing in Arkansas, Los Angeles, Boston, New York and Palm Beach.In 2014, Hamilton shared his “secrets” for healthy long life and longevity with George Hamilton still looks fit and healthy in 2016 in his late 70’s, and has said he wears the same size clothes today as a septuagenarian senior citizen, as he did when he was a teenager in high school. A million acquaintances, but few close friends I’ve no desire to ever marry again, though I would like to find a woman to share my path.

Senior City was inspired when she had difficulty finding local housing, products and services online for her elderly parents.

Hamilton attended Palm Beach High School, where he developed an affinity for drama..

Although his performance was considered wooden, his chiseled features and movie star good looks won the attention of studio executives.

In the mid-1970s Hamilton divorced his first wife Alana (she later married musician Rod Stewart).

Hamilton has one son by his first marriage, Ashley, who is best known for his marriages to model Angie Everhart and actress Shannen Doherty.

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