Flash player needs updating security clearance dating site

It shows =installed and as secure. https://secunia.com/community/forum/thread/show/15... --taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK HP Envy Win10 PC and Compaq Presario screwed up by forced upgrade to Win10 from WIn7 Peter, The updating of Flash on Windows 10 for IE11 and Edge is controlled by Microsoft via Windows Update and, depending on your settings, is installed automatically. The latest patch was made available on Windows Update yesterday and works perfectly.I have tried to resolve this myself unsuccessfully and Adobe says I am updated. If you want PSI to verify the install you should reboot and run a full PSI scan.And while Flash Player is one of the most commonly used plug-ins, it has also become less popular in recent years.There are a few reasons for this decline in popularity.

After a reboot and full PSI scan have you still got an issue? Although I do not use third party browsers the same general principle to the updating of Google applies in that it is controlled by Google not Adobe or in this instance Flexera Secunia.

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Regards, Peter -------------------------------------------------- ---------------- I run Win 10, ver 1511, 64 byte; The path is C:\Windows\Sys WOw64\Macromed\Flash\ Secunia says the program, Adobe Flash Player, needs a manual update.

I have tried to update using MSIE 11, Chrome, and Edge.

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