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"When someone tells a horror story and they put a flashlight under their chin, it makes the person's face look scary." For after-hours calls, even a basic table lamp can cast a camera-friendly halo.In the early days of film, cinematographers developed a face-flattering technique known as Rembrandt Lighting that's still used today.Children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) often exhibit a wide variety of symptoms and severity characterized by abnormal social interaction, communication, and behaviors.Previous research has shown children on the spectrum frequently have a difficult time making eye contact during conversation.The interaction shifted from neutral to emotional topics in order to reveal how the child’s eye contact changed depending upon the mood of the conversation.At first, researchers would monitor participants’ eyes during a boring conversation, like asking what they did when they woke up this morning.Emotional conversations could be compounding the social and communication problems they tend to already have.“It’s probably a situation where the poor are getting poorer,” Hutchins says.“If I’m asking you to talk about emotions, and that makes you even less likely to look in my eyes when you really need to go there because I’m more likely to be showing other evidence of an emotion like anger with my eyebrows, you are missing even more.

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I prop my laptop two feet away on an eye-level stack of magazines on my coffee table.

With more than 500 million users worldwide, Skype, Face Time, Google Hangouts, oo Voo, Fring, and Tango have redefined not only how job interviews are conducted but the way we communicate in general.

On a recent press junket for , Gwyneth Paltrow fielded a series of fan questions via a Skype session on

It’s not that there’s no emotional information in the mouth, but during dynamic conversational exchanges they are missing a number of cues that a typically developing child would not.”Currently, social therapy programs are invested in initiating and sustaining eye-contact during social interaction, which Hutchins believes may be worsening the situation in light of her team’s new findings.

Researchers hope that by recording how children with ASD change their eye movement in response to the topic of conversation, it could improve how speech pathologists work with children in the future. Conversational topic moderates social attention in autism spectrum disorder: Talking about emotions is like driving in a snowstorm.

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