Eric weber on dating

’ and I said, ‘Because you’re much too pretty to let get away.’ ” Corny? ” and “Please pass the ketchup.” Other advice includes: “Talk dirty.No more so than the 50 other “great” opening lines in Weber’s first book, including: “You’re Miss Ohio, aren’t you? Women love it,” and “Museums are fantastic places to pick up women, especially if you are the serious, intellectual type.” Some find Weber’s words more sexist than sexy.He teaches courses on foraging for females at Network for Learning, an unaccredited but popular Manhattan education program.And to think, only 15 years ago Eric Weber was just another shy and lonely guy looking for love in all the wrong places.Promote your own book and sell it yourself by mail order.’ I got so juiced up by the idea, I could hardly finish the hour.” When the session was up, Weber, who has been in therapy for almost two decades, raced to a newsstand to buy a copy of Penthouse.He called the magazine to price a third-of-a-page ad, which was 5—three-quarters of his life savings. continues to sell, at .95 for the paperback in stores or .95 for the hardback through the mail.He’s no Hugh Hefner, but Eric Weber is passionate about his work too.

In later editions of his books, he doesn’t call them “chicks” or “broads.” Weber spent three fun-filled years doing research.He built up his confidence, learned the tricks of the trade—and met some nice women on the job.“I picked up my wife, Joanna, in a singles bar while I was doing research for the book in 1965,” remembers Weber.Eric, a New York University graduate in creative writing, decided to go to the filly’s mouth.He interviewed single girls to find out what would work on them.

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