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one is moving across the country and the other is staying behind, what should you do? The primary partner may also have some control over other relationships that their partner has.

Secondary This is a polyamorous term for relationships beyond the primary relationship.

We decide — out loud and with words — that each owes the other full disclosure. I’m in a committed relationship.” Next we have exclusivity with an expressed intention to explore “a future.” That’s why you’re here. So, don’t mean to be crude, but if you’re not ready to be candid in revealing your most precious values, then how is it you think you’re ready to reveal body parts?

The next step is exclusivity-in-fact attached to an explicit promise. When other potential dates cross your path, the answer is, “No, I have a boy/girlfriend … And each level of investment exposes increasing vulnerabilities in your hierarchy of values.

So, he’s surprised and a bit irritated with me when I ask him, with all sincerity, “Now, tell me again, what, exactly, is your grievance with her?

Smart love means embracing love as being between PEOPLE with different needs, desires, interests, prejudices, and concerns.

The purpose of this article is to make clear that there are a great variety of levels of commitment in relationships.

In this article, I will be referring to the Three Axis Model as discussed in this article. Hook-Up) This term describes an extremely casual relationship which is purely on the Physical Axis.

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Generally friends with benefits relationships are not intended to develop into anything more serious.The partners are interested exclusively in physical contact and little else. Acquaintance With Benefits) This is a casual, sex-based relationship in which the participants have social contact and might even have a bit in common, but the main cohesive force of the relationship is sexual relations.Friend with benefits Similar to the above, but with a stronger element of the Friend Axis.This is where we start moving into to more serious, three-axis relationships.This is a polyamory term for the main relationship.

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