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Before she even met him, she saw his face on the cover of Time magazine and decided that they would someday marry.In the book, she recalls that the first night they spent together, after he played a concert at Carnegie Hall in 1971, he said he'd prefer simply to lie next to her rather than have sex.But Carly Simon remembers how it looked when she first moved here in 1971, into what James Taylor called his "shack."Then, it was just a small cabin, hidden beneath lady's slippers and scrub oak on his 175-acre plot of land. "It's part of my blood, my bones, all the liquid in my body.I've just taken him in so he's in my core."After they divorced in 1983, Simon stayed here, on what she now calls Hidden Star Hill.She is keeping the subjects of the other two verses to herself.)Simon never planned to write a book; over the last few years, she's been focused on instrumental music because she is "slightly" losing her voice. The bank does."Yet she's content in this home, which she shares with her boyfriend of a decade, surgeon Richard Koehler.

"It could have been sold and become part of our history, just like their relationship is. It's like the third child, in a way." 'Soul in danger'When Simon first moved back into Hidden Star Hill, she was so upset that she hoisted the king-sized mattress Taylor and his new girlfriend, Kathryn Walker, had been sleeping on over the balcony."I'm sure that James Taylor, if he reads this book, is going to say, 'This isn't how I remember it.' This is the truth as I see it. It's important to me that the kids know we were very close and sincerely in love.I don't want them to see me through James' eyes, the way James' eyes are looking at me now."As if on cue, Sally suddenly appeared, tip-toeing through the living room on her way to the kitchen.Though he had a long, much-publicized struggle with substance abuse, in the book Simon only describes seeing him do heroin once.They were in a room at the Chateau Marmont when he pulled out a piece of rubber, a syringe and a powdery substance.

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