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Six prototypes later, Estlin was looking at a new product that could meet today’s demands—without blowing the budget.

“Six evolving prototypes done by 3D have saved us many, many thousands of dollars, and the months of trial and error that would have been involved if we had to build plastic injection molds to test the product,” Estlin says.

There are so many new users onboarding, and there is so much virgin territory in which companies can build new and useful apps—the companies that get it together now will have a ground floor position in a strong upcoming economy,” Rose predicts. “The tech is getting cheaper and cheaper, and the opportunity to provide services that simply did not exist before in history is opening full new markets.

An oil well with a 3D printer can print any part it needs rather than having to pay for a hot shot delivery.

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Even the space station has an active 3D printer they use to create the custom parts they need as they need them.” Rose concludes, “Edmonton has a unique possibility to take strong advantage of this technology. We don’t want to work with new technology if it doesn’t push us forward; we want to work with it if it makes our jobs and lives easier.“We can create complex worlds to immerse ourselves with no concern for cost or safety.With VR (virtual reality), I can experience my day in a café in Paris with a laptop.We have produced parts in dozens of different industries for many companies across the country.We use 3D technology to quickly assure our customers that a design is robust and worthy of the risk for product development and production.

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