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But she’s already dating Josh, who is utterly devoted to her and her secret, but is significantly younger than she is.“What’s interesting to explore is: What’s the relationship like between a 40-year-old and a 26-year-old? “At the end of the first season when she let him know how old she was, people thought, ‘Well that’s the end of the show.’ But I thought that was the beginning of the interesting part of the show because we could really explore the reality of that relationship, which we continue to do this season.”Kelsey is an astute book editor, and even runs Empirical’s youthful imprint Millennial, but her taste in men was deplorable. Grant) slips into a tailspin after his wife Amanda (Carrie-Ann Moss) leaves him and their 20-year marriage behind.

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I didn't get how he could not realize that he was a nightmare of a husband.In an interview with Indie Wire, executive producer Darren Star (“Sex and the City,” “Melrose Place”) weighed in on the new law, which would’ve been helpful to someone looking for a second chance like Liza.“When I see actors you don’t ask them about their age, you’re looking at them for a character,” he said.“Both men are right for her for the wrong reasons and wrong for her for the right reasons,” Star said.“They’re two guys that are perfect for her under different circumstances.”Charles is more age appropriate and shares Liza’s love of books, but believes she’s only 26… Despite these obstacles, she’s curious to see if they have chemistry beyond that stolen kiss.

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