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Sure he taught the impressionable youngsters how to flip off a crowd but that's a life skill that they were bound to learn anyway.Moody and bandmates Zoltan Bathory, Jason Hook, Chris Kael, and Jeremy Spencer went "Under and Over It" with a solid set that hit hard on "Never Enough" and the band's famed "Bad Company" cover.Always unassuming, the guitarist continues to be the undeniable thief of the show as all eyes were fixated on the limbo maneuvering of his guitar.While signalongs ensued for Gn R and Velvet Revolvers' "Slither", it was the original numbers "Halo" and "You're a Lie" that were a breath of fresh air on the wickedly hot day. A.'s boisterous Five Finger Death Punch who embodies the notion of "bring in da noise, bring in da funk" … Yet for a band whose name inspires bloody revolts, singer Ivan Moody is actually quite patriotic (his Ford-emblazoned microphone is the epitome of American made) and also chivalrous, employing interludes after nearly every song to applaud the military, salute the fans, and rally the kids.(this wouldn't be the last questionable billing order of the weekend) but used his time wisely to frolic through a set combining his best originals with Velvet Revolver and Guns n' Roses staples.

Smith for his part has never looked or sounded better, his four-octave-range tenor in perfect pitch in a set that spanned much of the band's three prior major label albums with a taste test of their newest release Amaryllis.Hale is the black stallion of female-fronted rock with a mouth wingspan on par with the toothy Julia Roberts that, when opened, becomes a cannon for her explosive high-pitched growl and breath-holding note endurance reminiscent of the Wilson sisters and Pat Benatar.Dressed in up-to-here hot pants and a white lightning leather jacket, Hale oozes appeal in every manner of the word but no more than her gutsy lyrics that don't browbeat romantic swooning like other dimensionless lady crooners.Most of the year, the Columbus Crew Stadium is home to grueling soccer matches, but for one weekend, the bright yellow bleachers and temporary-installed turf served as the grounds for a far different match -- old-fashioned rock music against the rest of the growingly digitized industry.As bands from Anthrax to Incubus, Slash to American Idol finalist James Durbin took the stage, numerous frontmen (and a few women) took serious pause on their amplified soapboxes to lay claim that rock was alive and well and inspire a fire in their constituents to keep it that way.

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