Avg hangs updating virus defenitions

It’s important to understand that such a variation is not significant.

A 98% and a 97%, or a 60% and a 59%, should be considered identical, for all intents and purposes.

I was very curious about whether these programs were still as effective (or ineffective) as they had been, and how well they detected new malware that had appeared since the last test was performed.

After last year’s testing, I received a number of requests for tests of other apps.

If an error was made, and malware was detected and quarantined in the process of expanding the archive, the VM was reset, settings in the anti-virus app were changed, and the process repeated. Each app was used to scan that folder, or if custom scans were not allowed, a scan was done that would include the test user’s home folder, where the malware samples resided.

Results were collected, in most cases in a very inconvenient manner.

Where possible, the full, original malware was included in testing.

In many cases, such a sample will be found within a or archive on Virus Total, but such samples were not included in that form.

As with last year, it’s important to understand the scope of this testing.

A snapshot of this system was made, and then this VM was used as the basis for all testing.

I installed each anti-virus app (engine) in that VM, saved a snapshot, reverted to the original base VM and repeated.

Any samples that were not already present in the Virus Total database were uploaded to Virus Total, so that the samples would be available to the anti-virus community.

The SHA1 checksum of each sample is included in the data, to allow those with access to Virus Total to download the samples used and replicate my tests.

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