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I have no kids,but i don't care you have children or not, if they are young,i can take care of them.

I'm abroad very often,usually taking my business trips to every corn of the world,until now,i've been to many countries,like Maylaysia , Singapore, USA,and some European countries.

I like the sunshine,i usually have cruise vocations,wearing my sun protection and my summer suit,i enjoy my life now,but really the problem is,i need a man to b e with me, Knock knock knock,who's knocking my heart door???

A lot of the more bitter opinions are along the lines of "AZN girls are rebelling against their ethnicity" or "AZN girls are only looking to climb up the social ladder" or "AZN girls have been brainwashed by the norms of Western standards of beauty".

Dating a black guy is sort of the opposite of all of those reasons.

That just frankly sucks but if they are going to go through hell to date someone then they must really love them and I wish them best of luck.

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