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It is becoming an element of Catholic lore that RCIA is commonly led or organized by someone who is a “type B” Catholic as described above.These people don’t seem to understand how zealous these converts can be. I know many who have had wonderful RCIA experiences, but I know many more who had to defend the Catholic faith while taking RCIA.#8 Liturgy I am beginning to think that there is nothing as controversial in the Catholic Church as liturgy. I’ll also add from personal experience, the healing a good confession is about 100 times more powerful than any of the shame or fear associated with past problems. (Please leave a comment below to testify to this reality so others might be assured.) #6 Financial discomforts If you’re a clergyman you stand to lose your great pension, great health benefits, discretionary fund, and your salary. It’s likely that you haven’t been trained to do anything else that is marketable. It’s embarrassing to talk about a ‘lifestyle.’ It’s not easy to imagine having a minivan overflowing with car seats or to rethink the vasectomy. It’s difficult for many – especially if they are coming from a more liturgical form of Protestantism. It’s painful to allow your divorce and re-marriage to be examined by the bishop’s tribunal. Sometimes, potential converts walk in to a not-so-wonderful liturgy with broken rubrics and oddities. My suggested solution is the “Great Catholic Migration of the 21th Century.” Click here to read more about “the great migration.” #7 Dealing with marriage, divorce, homosexuality, contraception, abortion Some people have irregular marriages, live homosexual lifestyles, or enjoy the comforts of contraception.

Some Catholics also seem to think that it is helpful to ridicule my past as a non-Catholic, as if that would somehow validate me as now “one of them.” Some Catholics just love to hear converts bash their former faith. Type B is the cradle-Catholic who is less committed to the distinctives of the Catholic faith. These converts are overly-concerned with dogma and truth. #2 RCIA (Rite for Christian Initiation of Adults) RCIA must have been invented so that every conversion to the Catholic Church might somehow be miraculous.#4 Non-Catholic ridicule and estrangement Family and friends do not understand.Even when they try to understand, they will never appreciate the frustrations, study, and heart-searching that goes into becoming Catholic.The Popes of the last 300 years have endorsed St Thomas Aquinas. Issues of dating and relationships are obviously among the most complicated things on planet earth.

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