Adhd and dating

Friends can help – If you have difficulty discussing about yourself, ask some friends on how they would describe you.Put their feedback on your profile, starting with “My friends would describe me as…” It is OK to be shy – If you are really shy, say you are so.Role play with a friend or romantic interest to get feedback and improve social skills.

However, like everybody else, people with ADHD are very self-conscious when it comes to dating.

People with the condition tend to start sex at a younger age, have more partners, and have unprotected sex more often. Pay attention to body language and tone of voice, too.

Get a trusted buddy to help you interpret conversations.

Have you tried dating someone who understands your disorder and accepts you for who you are? Have fun messaging, sharing photos and hooking up for a quickie.

Don't use those generic dating sites that can't keep your attention. It may be a passion, life style, deviation, or affliction.

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