Active directory sharepoint user validating

not-) configured, which happens all the freakin' time), and it doesn't allow someone with write access to the web server share to write simple web applications which intercept credentials.

If IIS has the user credentials, those can be used to create a primary token for that user.

It doesn't directly expose the username and password to interception (if SSL is mis- (i.e.

The authorized user uses a simple search interface to locate users and edit those users.

The authorized user can then double-click on a selected user and edit the properties of that user.

The data in the Active Directory and, thus, the Global Address List becomes more up-to-date and accurate.

Systems and utilities that depend on the Active Directory, such as possibly your PBX, Office 365, Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager, and other programs can successfully leverage the updated information.

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