6 rules for dating my daughter

Sometimes when I grieve for her and cry for her, I vivid memory come to me--- a day I was sitting out in the backyard and the school bus dropped her off in front of the house.

She was so happy to see me...running toward me as if I was the light of her world. I remember how my heart warmed to see my beautiful little girl that day and so many day. I did all the things for my daughter and my son that had never been done for me.

My daughter, now a young adult, had moved out and gotten hooked up with a boyfriend involved with drugs.

I didn't even know he was into that---he had me fooled. Anyway, my daughter got kicked out of their apartment and came to me begging to move back in to my home. A creepy new principal came in who didn't like me and made my life miserable. It wasn't their fault their mother was a drunk and the only person they ever could depend on had died on them.

We have also made it clear to our children that the family rules follow them wherever they go.

I told her truthfully that being that she had been so disrespectful to me during her teen years and that we hadn't gotten along very well, I just could not handle any more stress in my life and I did not think it good she move back home. My heart went out to them and I wanted to do all I could to give them a safe, dependable, loving life.

I remember telling her exactly "My plate is overflowing and I can't take one more thing." She begged and promised that she would help me take care of the girls, babysit, help with the housework, all of this but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me move back home..."Mommy". I remember having a bad feeling in my stomach that this would not work out. At the end of the story, the very things she promised to do because I was so overwhelmed to help me, became the things she resented. My nieces paternal grandmother (who wanted nothing to do with them when Mom died and they needed a place to go) criticized me constantly to the girls which caused them to behave disrespectfully to me at times and belligerent to each other.

Those were horrible times because I thought my second marriage would be the "love of my life". But when he hit my daughter and was verbally abusive to her, he had to go. Then I became like a "single parent" with my three nieces.

I started having financial problems trying to raise them on a teacher's salary.

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