3 month time limit for backdating

Such decisions are not subject to the Social Welfare Appeals provisions because it is a Ministerial discretion.A dissatisfied claimant may however request the decision to be reviewed, and the review should be carried out by an officer of higher rank than the person who made the decision. Previous claim or enquiry prior to legislative change If a legislative change gives entitlement on a previously refused claim, or where a previous enquiry elicited the information that there was then no entitlement, the earlier claim or enquiry may be accepted in lieu of a repeat claim from the date of implementation of the legislative change.He or she cannot: Of the company or any subsidiary.These rules are subject to exceptions for unpaid directors, and paid business angel investors (see s167-s1), which broadly permit payment for services as a director once the shares have been issued.22 December 2015 updated to include all energy generation in excluded activities following the Autumn Statement. 9 November 2015 updated to include further excluded activities following amendments to the Finance Bill 2015-16. Under EU Regulations and bilateral agreement legislation governing social welfare payments, a claim made in any State covered by the legislation (a relevant State) may be regarded as a claim for a similar type of payment in Ireland.When a claim for social welfare is made by a person in a relevant State, there is a legal onus on that State to take liaison action.

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Factors to be considered in this context: In general it is usually easier to establish entitlement in the case of contributory and long-term schemes than in the case of non-contributory and short-term schemes. A claim for a related Social Welfare Payment Where a late claim is made by a person who is in receipt of a related Social Welfare Benefit/Allowance, the claim in payment may be accepted as a claim for the later social welfare payment.In practice this discretion is applied administratively by officers within each scheme.It may also be applied where one of the following conditions applies, subject to the circumstances of the case.This period is usually referred to as 'the prescribed time' - see paragraph 3.4 below.For the purposes of satisfying identity, the Claimant may be asked to: Where a claimant for any Social Welfare Benefit or Assistance (excluding Supplementary Welfare Allowance) is required to produce Birth, Marriage or Death certificates, these may be purchased for a reduced fee (currently €1.00) from the General Register Office or Superintendent Registrar's Office (one located in each county).

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