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Yamir’s manager has a HUGE FUCKING PROBLEM with this love affair because 1. Yamir is leaving his bandmates and manager in the lurch for Chelsea and her organic scarves.Danielle and Mohammed: This is the couple we’re watching for, folks.

Meanwhile, Brett’s mom, who is younger than all of his BFFs, shoots the entire experience the side-eyes.

Amy is from South Africa, which is to say, her accent is too cool for America.

Justin and Evelin: Justin is the king of the mid-level douchebags in San Jose.

Season Two’s six couples seem even better than Season One’s four couples. As for Season One, we were treated to a one-hour “Where Are They Now” which included 3 happy couples.

Louis and Aya chose not to participate, which makes sense as a SND commenter claims Louis is now on Tinder.

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